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Please Be Upstanding For the Mayor Of Simpleton

The same old tired anti-everything nutbags that frequent the bowels of the P-U forums are at it again trying to flood Mayor Nickels' phone lines to get him to accept a buyout for the remaining two years of the lease. Any buyout amount would be but a pittance and as usual the P-U people don't care one iota about the businesses around the Key and lower Queen Anne that would be affected by this, it's just more anti-sports posturing.

I have my suspicions at who is behind some of that sentiment but no reason to get into that now.

Sadly the powers that be in this town not only take the P-U forums seriously, they actually believe that it's an accurate reflection of the mood of the city as a whole. Such is the city we live in my friends.

I have already called and emailed Mayor Nickels congratulating him for his steadfast stance in NOT accepting a buyout of this team at any price. I encourage all of you to please do the same and let the Mayor know that a majority of constituents aren't willing to sell a piece of their city's soul. Unlike them you and I are not naive enough to believe that the City is actually going to spend that money on "more important things."