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Dynamic Weekend Reading

Clay Bennetts entire deposition has been released. Thanks to Jim Brunner with the Times for going to the effort to make this available to people. Wordpress Wordpress CMS

So I read pretty much the entire thing and while there are no true bombshells the cumulative affect is pretty overwhelming.

These guys never intended to keep a team here. They would have you believe that they diligently explored options in Oklahoma City very early, as early as January of 2007 only as research to help them craft a competative Seattle proposal. They would have you believe that they remember clearly being "a man posessed about Seattle." but cannot recall pretty much anything else related to their $400 million investment. They would have you believe that they truly never discussed little things like finances or planning and that use of the word "dynamic" repetatively can so mystify the common man that he will not see through their charade.

Some highlights include discussionsn that in May of 2007 the PBC lobbied the league to accelerate relocation process to allow the team to move for the 07/08 season.

In April of 07 Bennett asked Jim Couch, city manager of OKC to hold dates at the Ford Center for 07/08 in anticipation of the Sonics playing there.

Bennett repeatedly contends that he had committed to a $100 million contribution from the team but cannot produce a single person that he made this promise to. Internal documents show a projected contribution of $10M.

The PBC promised to deliver a full arena package to legislature by Feb. 1, 2007 but failed to deliver on that promise. The actual package was delivered weeks later and arguably was not completed at all as there were key elements missing(such as team contribution)

Quote of the day: "I am confounded by the focus on our contribution. At the end of the day it will be negligable."