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The "3000"

Wow, what an event. Be it Olympia when we thought 50 people would be there and over 300 showed up on 15 hours notice, or the Mavericks game when we fussed over how to sell out the game and the fans just stepped up and did it, whenever we ask the Save Our Sonics faithful step up big time.
Griff, Adam, Jeremy, Tim, Deborah and the rest worked their tails off to make this one very successful event. It could not have been done without them. According to the Federal Marshalls (who are pretty good at this kind of thing) we had 2500 – 3000 people but they also couldn’t see around the corner and across the street where even more were packed into the place. Some have suggested we had as many as 4000 and I wouldn’t dispute that.
I know this, standing on top of that newspaper rack and looking out at a sea of Green and Gold in every direction was a very emotional moment. My humble thanks go out to everyone that took the time to come make this a event that was heard clear to OKC and NYC.
There is no “yawning indifference” to the Sonics staying in Seattle, there are large numbers of passionate fans that step up every time they are asked to support the team, and for that we are amazed more and more each day. Thank you again, and thank you for showing “The Glove” and “X-Man” that Seattle still loves their Sonics past and present.