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So I want to be clear, I am not such a homer that I cannot recognize it when the other team is scoring points.

I came home today worried about the outcome after a day of court proceedings when frankly the PBC legal team was more aggressive, and on the surface more successful than the cities. They were very impressive.

I felt compelled to place a few calls fo reassurance. It could of course be posturing but I will give you the answer I received:

It should be expected that a firm of "samurai lawyers" who represent big tobacco and have "a case built on smoke and mirrors" will be much more theatrical than one which has a simple and solid case. The difference in the type of case is reflective by the reputation and style of the law firms hired to represent the parties.

The cities claim is that PBC inherited the lease, they had plenty of time to review the lease, were aware of the specific performance clause, and there is no reason they could not have projected the losses they will incur. They can keep it simple and state "a deal is a deal".

I still didn't like the resuls today.

On a side note I just have to gloat a little bit and thank Gary Payton and Xavier McDaniel for just being cool guys. It was great that they came out, but even greater that we got chances to hang out and get to know them. I truly thought Raf was going to freeze up when showing Gary the charactiture he made for the fliers...