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Chronology Document Thread

Hi SC readers,

I've volunteered to take the lead in creating one document that will serve as the comprehensive story for the Sonicsgate Saga. The format will be a detailed chronology of events, news items, PDF emails and court filings, press releases, public statements, columns, commentaries, etc. There will be brief commentaries to tie the items together and help tell our story.

I have the project moving along, but one part I could use help with is pulling together every little date, event, and quote. That will be the purpose of this thread. (I know there have been a couple of threads in the forum like this, and I've logged much of that content as well).

I'd love to keep this as organized and easy to reference as possible. Here's what I envision for the thread:

- List the date.

- Provide a link to the article or PDF file.

- Write a brief one or two sentence explanation of what's there.

No need for diatribes and tirades here. Let's just cut, paste, explain and post. I'm sure there will be repeats, but I will sift through them.

As for what is fair game -- right now, I'm going to say anything (within reason). High Priority -- the actual dates of events, court filings or procedures, quotes from the NBA and the ownership group, and quotes from politicians. However, columns by local pundits and tidbits from major media voices such as Bill Simmons, or a link to a YouTube of our Outside the Lines segment would be cool to reference as well. I'm not sure they will end up in the official document, but it would be fun to have them in one place.

Let's see how much we can plug into this thread in the next week. Griff told me that if the thread gets buried below other posts, we can periodically have it bumped back up to the top.

My goal is to have something formatted and streamlined by around June 10. At that time, we'll review it with SOS leadership and carefully consider distributing it.

All right, have at it SOS addicts! And thanks for your help.