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"it will be a bloodbath in that courtroom"

Greg Johns, of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, has some entertaining quotes from a lawyer not involved with the City of Seattle vs. Profession Basketball's court case. Nothing new, or nothing that you haven't been warned about by regular writers and posters on, "it will be a bloodbath in that courtroom" - Longtime Seattle attorney Randy Aliment

He says this:

Aliment said both sides have hired the best trial lawyers in Seattle and he expects a no-holds-barred situation should the case proceed as scheduled.

"You've definitely got a three-ring circus going now," Aliment said. "From a straight legal standpoint, this thing is just about unprecedented. I'm thinking one of the only other comparable situations was when Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders filed suit and things got stupid down there. That one actually went to trial."

And he says that:

Is there room to settle?

"From the city's standpoint, forced occupation here is going to be a difficult proposition because the team would only be here two years, the NBA is going to be upset and the prospects for a team long-term are problematic," Aliment said. "Some type of mediated solution where Bennett can take his toys back to Oklahoma and the city gets a different team, or Bennett gets a new team and we keep our Sonics, would obviously be the best.

"But it's going to take participation by the NBA and other owners to approve something like that," he said. "That's a tall order, as evidenced by the fact it hasn't been done yet."

But this isn't anything like what's really going to happen. The Al Davis trial happened in 1982, pre-ESPN ruling the world, pre-internet, pre-hyper news cycles.
David Stern has a "three-ring circus going", only, he isn't the lion tamer, or ring master, but by choice as the circus clown.

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