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Todays Expected Drama

So I'm going to lay it out to you:

Today I expect a bloodbath to be reported in the courtroom.

This is not an admission that things will go bad, but that I expect them to look bad on the surface. Walker and Griffen are for the purposes of their smoke and mirrors defense the star witnesses for the PBC. Brad Keller has already demonstrated a solid flair for the dramatic and I expect today he will utilize that to paint a picture of conspiracy and unclean hands around these two that will be reported by many blogs in a very unflattering light.

It likely will have little or no impact on the judge.

The witnesses will likely testify that each and every one of their actions were done with good intentions to preserve this valuable civic asset. They did nothing illegal or even unethical, simply tried to put together a group of civic minded citizens who would buy the team if it became available. Did they hope it would become available? Of course. Did they want it to become available? Yes. Did they do anything unethical to create that availability? No

I find it very stunning that the PBC called on Brad Humphries to support their case. This guy is the mortal enemy of professional sports teams. It is the basketball equivelant of Barrack Obama bringing in Karl Rove because he admires his campaign skills.

Humphries did not comment on anything about the Sonics. He talked about how professional sports has no economic impact in any way in any market in any city. It is a sickening betrayal of his peers.