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New Thread time

You can all entertain yourselves with this article from ABC.

I'm going to say that I thought the morning went very well for us. Wally had the potential to look very incriminating and he held his own. Sure they wanted to keep the team here? Who wouldn't? Does that mean they did anything unethical? Not hardly.

It was not the terrible negative that I was worried it could turn into.

For all of you worried that the word "appeal" was uttered by Paul Lawrence GET OVER IT. Sheesh this is a trial, things get said. Don't try to read the world into every single word. Remember just yesterday the PBC attorneys were visibly flustered by our apperent win. Don't ride the roller coaster up and down with every change of momentum my friends.

I remain firmly in the OJ Mayo camp when it comes to the draft. It seems clear that despite all the misdirect Jared Bayless is our guy but I go for the NBA body every time. Love, Lopez, etc. are all smoke. We won't take them. I will say though that if Love were black we'd be comparing him to Carlos Boozer instead of Nick Collison. Its sad the way we always lump guys together unintentionally based on appearance.