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"Blackburn" Powerpoint [revise 6/21/08]

I think we need a new thread for the 3 o'clock court break and to discuss the post-game stylings of Mr. Lawrence.

Kind of a fat file, but. . .
Thank you King5 for the Powerpoint!

[writer revised title of thread to reflect the nickname of the powerpoint from the Defense's "Poison Well" characterization, finding that inaccurate, to the nickname given to the document by the author, Mike McGavick, that is "Blackburn". So named after the original voice of the Sonics, Bob Blackburn. This is noted in Wally Walker's testimony from Friday, 6/20/2008. McGavick, by his nickname may be guilty of being a homer; Mr. Taylor by his inaccurate nickname may be guilty of being untruthful, may be not, you would have to ask him how appropriate inaccurate characterizations are in court, or the public sphere in general, and if that qualifies as truth. I am not a lawyer.]