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New Thread: Thank You Mr. Alexie

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank Sherman Alexie for representing me, and all of the other fans, at the trial. As I think about what you have said, what I would have said, or others, I can say with a clear mind that every fan would have said something diffferent than you, different from every other fan, meaning the same things, with none testifying any better.
I have invested a great amount of time reading the press, depositions, testimony, legal briefs, my palms while my hands covered my eyes in frustration and disbelief. I keep looking for logical answers to the questions of what appears to be questions of right and wrong a child solves. The time for me to resolve the case has passed, it did not matter what I thought to anyone but me.
It is in the judges hands, out of mine, out of yours.

I assure you that I would be as prepared to express the unexplainable connection to strangers, in a strange place, watching basketball together. The crowd erupts, and we all know why. I am pleased to know that someone was there for us, I am glad it was you.
Thank you,
Mr. Baker
Seattle SuperSonics Fan