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I am an NBA Draft Expert!

It is amazing what an hour with comcast on-demand can do. After browsing through the assorted 5 minute player profiles and surfing the internet for backup I feel as competant discussing NBA draft prospects as anyone else out there on the internet. In other words I don't know crap...

Seriously though I did watch the highlights and spend a little time on the draft yesterday. I'll be at Jeff Green's draft party at the FSN Lounge on thursday and hope that you can make it. I'm not sure what the rules for entry are but I have a request for more information in.

In terms of highlight reels I have to say that I came away much more impressed with Jeryd Bayless than I expected to be. I love the quick release on his shot and he's dynamic with the ball. Based strictly on hype and "comparable measurements" I have been thinking of Mayo as having the more NBA suitable body and game. I'm not so certain anymore. Bayless is so quick and so solid at penetration that I am much more intrigued.

I worry about Kevin Love ALWAYS using the glass or soft little layups and think that the Nick Collison is a better comparison than many others. Like Nick he's going to have a much tougher time getting that shot off in the NBA.

Our later pick is really tough because there is obviously the chance that we just dump it for salary or take a foreign guy that will be stashed. For guesswork purposes I'm going to pretend that we keep the pick and use it for the legitimate betterment of our franchise.

I would think it is highly likely that we package the #24 with our #32 or another second rounder to move up a couple of spots. Whether we do or noth I'm thinking that at our number 24 pick we find that at least one big man out of the pool of DeAndre Jordan, Roy Hibbert, and Kosta Kofas are available and we take a flyer on the big man. If we picked up Hibbert I would be really excited. He may not be a superstar but I could settle for a solid bigman in the Brendan Haywood mold.

Lets talk draft a little bit. Lifes too short to think trial all day every day.