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New thread - embracing our assets

As some of you know, I was one of the group that flew the airplane banner "Go Sonics! Fire Wally Walker". I've since learned that the guy is one of the hardest core lovers of Sonics basketball and cares immensely about it's value to this city. Thus I found myself enjoying this article by Percy today:

Love him or hate him, Wally Walker is still involved with Sonics

"Walker symbolized the Sonics' internal conflict. He spoke for a dysfunctional ownership group of 58 investors. He was booed at team events. Airplanes flew over the city with banners demanding his dismissal.

Despite his acrimonious relationship with Sonics fans the past decade, Walker's commitment to the team never wavered. He put into motion a plot to save the team that nearly worked.

"I betcha he'll get booed for this, too," the basketball fan said."

At this point, I feel like it's time to bury the hatchet and realize that Walker is one of the huge assets in this battle to save the team. Hoping that some of the rest of you can see that too.

Not that I want him to actually make any basketball decisions, mind you. :)

PS: If anyone is going to the NBA Draft in NYC, please shoot me an email: