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Robert Swift gets 3.6m QO from Sonics

According to the Seattle Times, Robert Swift was offered a 3.6 million dollar Qualifying Offer. This allows the Sonics to retain a free agent restriction over Mr Swift. They must have some interest in him. Having him go through next year on the QO one year contracts not the best option for the team, they are better off following his rehab and then if he is healthy as they near September they should make a move for a 3 year contract, that allows the team to trade him if they want, and for Swift to have a deal that has some length on it.
He is still a very young guy, and he is just as tall.
It is all up to you Robert, but that's not really new, is it Robert?

Oft-injured Robert Swift has received a one-year qualifying offer by the Sonics, which makes him a restricted free agent.

The $3.6 million qualifying offer allows the Sonics to match any deal given to the 7-foot-1 center by another team.

Despite several setbacks, Sonics general manager Sam Presti said the team "still believes" in the fourth-year player who has played just 71 games and missed most of the past two seasons because of knee injuries., Seattle Times.

Run outside and play!