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Rally Rules

Sonicscentral readers should be the first to know that GARY PAYTON is confirmed at our rally, 4:30 pm June 16th at the Federal Courthouse, 700 Stewart in Seattle. Gary will be joining fellow legend Xavier McDaniel as we support our legal team.

With the fact that we have secured two of the most prominent Sonics in history to participate in this event we are concerned regarding recent posts regarding content and activities during the rally. It needs to be pointed out that Save Our Sonics is promoting a classy, peaceful, and positive gathering of people who are respectful of the process and the personalities involved.

Recently a large number of individuals on the internet have given impressions that they are representative of our organization or involved in the policy of the group. While we appreciate that people want to be involved and do enjoy the conversation I want to stress that we don't do our event planning or decide our organizational policy in public forums. Suggestions made here by anyone other than SOS leadership are what they are, internet conversation and nothing more. If you'd like to be involved send an e-mail to and we can find a way for you to help.