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Steve Kelley says it best

Why is this rally important?

Because people will be watching.

The league doesn't like getting embarrassed and if a huge crowd gathers at the courthouse, the rally will rate ESPN airtime and it will be a signal to the rest of the country that Seattle still cares.

If thousands, instead of hundreds, show up it will be another example that the NBA is dead wrong about this city.

After all the negative remarks from the commissioner's office and from the team's ownership, this will be the most profoundly, populist gesture Seattle fans can make that they believe the game belongs here.

This rally needs thousands of people to make it work. It really is important, because throughout this process, Bennett counted on a cave-in. He thought fans would quit. He figured the mayor and the City Council would capitulate.He believed he could write a check and ride out of town. Thought he could bully his way out of this lease. He thought it all would be over by now. His team would be in Oklahoma City and he would be heroic.

His group will snicker if only 300 people show. You can imagine the scene, another cool, gray day, a little drizzle and a few hundred people huddled together. The ownership group, the commissioner, the entire NBA will question, once again, Seattle's commitment.

But if thousands gather, rain or shine, the message will be much different.

People will be watching.

And, if you still care about keeping basketball in town, you'll go to the rally next Monday and cheer Payton and McDaniel, the same way you cheered them when they used to thrill us on the floor, when there never was a doubt that the Sonics belonged to Seattle.

We need people to attend this event. Invite your friends, family, etc. Come out and see Sonics Legends and get this city excited to join you. Flyers will be availble shortly. Plan on helping with distribution.