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Free Agent Frenzy

Well Baron Davis sure turned the world upside down with his decision to opt out.

Suddenly the GS Point Guard may bolt for LA, which will result in the Clippers letting Corey Maggette sign elswhere, and potentially landing Gilbert Arenas back in Goldens State. If that happens the Warriors will officially become my second favorite team again. Then what the hell happens in Washington? Crazy stuff....

It is really funny how events can change the fate of a franchise. 3 years ago Baron Davis was available for expiring contracts and nothing else but his back was so bad and his contract so large that nobody pursued him. In all likelyhood the Sonics could have gotten him in trade for a package of Jerome James, Danny Fortson, and Luke Ridnour. Now, looking at that deal you can say that he was healthy for all 3 years and his contract officially never became an issue. Just imagine for a second what a different position this franchise would be in if we had had Davis added to a core of Ray and Rashard three years ago. It would be a completely different world.

If the Warriors sign Gilbert does that mean that they let Pietrus walk? What about Biedrens and Ellis? Does Washington suddenly need a PG like Earl or Luke? Life gets interesting.

Talk about free agency here.