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Unnaturally calm

Really I'm not sure why. We're sitting here 20 hours before this huge court verdict and I really feel very much at peace.

Sometimes you have done everything you can do and events hit a point where they are out of your control. If you are sitting in a position where you are at peace with your own efforts and not plagued by regret it is a very empowering place to be.

I am feeling very good about our chances in the verdict tomorrow. A loss is a real possibilty that I would not rule out, but certainly the least likely of the two options. Over the last week the emotional pleas of Keller have faded and they do not resonate as loudly in hindsite. The city has the facts and the law and that should carry through.

It was extremely odd today to write up statements for both outcomes.

We considered getting the fans together someplace but this will be an emotional day and there is nothing gained by making a public spectacle. The volume of this decision will be loud enough without us chanting somewhere and the mayor will drive the bulk of the press time. Our goal is to be downtown, near his press conference, and address the media there. If people want to be available for fan interviews my guess would be that 4-5pm in front of city hall would be as good a place as any.

Say your prayers tonight people. A new game starts tomorrow.