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Political Power

I am really considering that we should not play nice for the coming months.

A senior Democrat administrator told me yesterday that this will have no bearing on the upcoming election because basketball polls really poorly. Oh how I disagree. If they want to challenge us this way then I think sports fans may need to step up and get nasty. I'm feeling a bit pissed on today and it has me in a bad mood.

The election for Governor will occur on Nov. 4 of this year. The NBA preseason will start around October 7 and my understanding is that the NBA regular season will kick off for all teams on Nov. 2 and Nov. 3. I also am getting a strong vibe that the Oklahoma Freak Show will coincidentally be debuting on the 3rd, the night before the Governors election.

They can say this issue polls poorly but I ask the question, how can they possibly get their message out if the entire last month of the campaign our volume is so high that nobody can hear her talking about other issues? We have 12 extra pages(the sports section) in every paper that will be read by more people than read the political section. We have a whole cadre of Former Sonics Legends willing to appear at public events in the month of October and a potential large and nationally televised event for Nov. 3rd. If the headline the morning of the election is "Sonics Debut In Oklahoma: Angry NBA fans blame Gregoires lack of leadership for loss of team!" does that cost her several thousand votes? I think so. Can she spare those votes? No way.

It will be the number one story the day of the election. We can spin it one way or spin it the other. The choice is up to Olympia.

We've been really politically correct and polite to everybody involved in the last couple of years. Right now I'm feeling we have nothing to lose and should hold nothing back.

Can we be the swing faction in the November election? Thats the question for the day.