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New thread: what can I live with?

New thread: what can I live with?

I have a new poll question, please vote there, and discuss here.
(If I could make poll questions here I would.)

Seattle Center Arena Reboot Poll Question

The team I can live with in the future is (you can pick more than 1):
Return the Sonics
Expansion team
The Griz (back to the NW)
The Hornets
The Bobcats
None, I'm done
Whatever Steve Ballmer buys.

[Edit: Xteve here. Sorry about the threads going up and down, somehow a spammer figured out a way to put a script that over-wrote all this text with his 500-link worthless crap, so it went straight into moderation. I think this could be a cause for many of the dropped threads, back to your regularly scheduled discussion]