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Still Around?

Man are we going to keep people coming here in the middle of summer after all that we have been through...

Sorry for the lack of news as I have been in Canada the last 4 days. Lots of king salmon, little basketball thoughts. Huge shoutout to all my peeps in Bamfield BC!

The talk today is about "coalition". Will a coalition emerge to bring Sonics basketball back? Who should lead that coalition and what should is goals be? How should it pursue its agenda.

Great news today from a political fundraiser who advised that he has recieved multiple calls over the last two weeks that several well to do clients will no longer be donating to politicians who failed to save the Sups. As usual in this town nobody really believed that the worst would happen and after two years of inactivity they are all saying "How did this happen? Why didn't somebody try to do something?"

I'm hoping to have more news about this next week. Until then I'm going to follow the free agent news and continue to enjoy the summer.