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What happens if the ordinance is canceled?

I'm really not sure what will happen here. But I am solidly against the Mayor's decision to sell our team. Not that it was his team to sell in the first place, right?

If the citizens of Seattle were to overturn a Council/Mayor decision to sell the team, would that work?

Unfortunately, the courts are involved. The City already signed an agreement that annuls everything/anything from the court (as I understand). And the Courts are totally separate from the City. So we may be shooting ourselves in the foot.

We need to be careful that we are not killing the deal by the court AND losing the money that came as part of the deal. We have to get an improved result.

We need to be careful about what we sponsor. At this point I'm totally effing LIVID and I'm trying my best to be responsible in what I post. But we cannot destroy ourselves in our efforts to win back the team.

Where is the legal advice on this matter? Can the citizens undo a Court agreement? I somehow doubt this... there are a lot of unanswered loose ends here that do not compel me to foment anything. Yet.