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Is this Nick Collisons Fault?

I use Nick Collison because he's such a consumate pro that people should know I'm not really pointing the finger at him.

Still the question is worth asking, where does the blame for the Sonics departure really end? I put a ton of it on Vin Baker. He dealt an irrepairable blow to our Seattle franchise. Had Nick Collison and Luke Ridnour developed into the players the team hoped they would could we have been a playoff team and gotten the building done?

I have to feel that sometimes the players skate out of this with no blame or hardship at all. They can constantly duck criticism by saying "I can only control what I do on the floor." so are we entitled to point out that their floor performance contributed to the absolute malaise of the franchise?

I have to point the finger at Collison, Ridnour, Bones Barry, Antonio Daniels, Rick Sund, Bob Hill, Rob Swift, Danny Fortson, and everybody else involved in this franchise over the last 5 years or so. Good intentions mean something but all these people failed to perform so badly that the franchise went from one of the leagues greatest to a truly irrelevant part of the community. How did that happen and do they share the blame.

This is a thread thrown out for you to think about. I'm not trying to cast any blame but I am asking, how far does the blame go?