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What A Day

I'm making a new thread cause the last one is getting out of hand. At 12pm yesterday I thought there was a 85% chance that Kevin Durant and the rest of this team were going to be playing the in the home opener at the Key next season because of all the litigation. There was no way I could have imagined that six hours later I would be certain that they would be tipping off in OKC. There is a 0% chance that the Sonics will be playing their home opener in Seattle next year. WOW.

I was prepared to lose this case, but I was not prepared for this. This settlement blindsided all of SOS. I personally feel betrayed by the Mayor and every other elected official that was in any way shape or form related to this issue and will not vote for a single incumbent this year. Frank Chopp is the biggest culprit and if I had to pick one person to hold accountable in our government for this travesty it would be him. If I had to put all the blame to one person, it would be on David Stern's head.

There is still hope out there. I don't think it is likely, but Howard Schultz's lawsuit is still on, while the team will be allowed to move this year, if his lawsuit is a success they could be coming right back. If this happens, Howard may be able to clear his conscience, but he will not clear his name. He was either tricked by Clayton Bennett into believing his lies or he helped trick the rest of his ownership group into believing Clayton's "I want to keep the teams here" BS.

If Howard Schultz's lawsuit is unsuccessful, this has been a horrible horrible ending to the Save Our Sonics Saga, I personally want to thank a few people that really helped out for the SOS cause up into this point, Brian and Steve are huge, but they would have been no where without a dedicated army of volunteers that worked countless hours for little to no recognition. They deserve some. Denise and I were the Volunteer Coordinaters for SOS for its existence up to this point hope fully she can help me add to this in case I leave any one out, but I want to give a lot of thanks to Jenn, West Seattle Tim, SpeedCat, Eric E, and Adam Brown. You guys really put in the leg work when we needed you to and stepped up more then anyone. I will expand on this list later because there are too many people to thank.

I know that for me I am going to do a few things while I am still living in Seattle (I don't know how long that will be). I will do everything I can to get the Mayor and Governor and every other elected official that touched this issue out of office and I will never spend a dollar on any NBA related item and try as hard as I can to not give a dollar to any one that puts a single dollar into David Stern's Pocket, i.e. I am boycotting all of their advertisers.