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So I have a line of the day...

Everybody has asked me how I am doing. You would truly think there had been a death in my family or some other equal disaster. People approach me as if I may be at my breaking point.

I'm fine.

When they ask how I am I reply honestly that "I'm sure I slept better last night than Danny Barth."

Seriously I bet he had a few drinks before bed last night. We may have swung and missed but at least we never pitched for the other team!

I am really just impressed with this site and the insight and maturity of all the people posting here. As we struggle to figure out where to go from here the Sonicscentral and SaveOurSonics family is just tremendous and I really value you all. This is a tough day and everybody is helping each other through it.

I am surprisingly OK. I think it was said by Scott earlier but there are just some of us who have already gone numb to the injustice of this all. My basketball heart was ripped out long ago and now nothing can hurt me or phase me. I just keep trooping along.

I touched base with EVERYBODY today. All levels of this thing from players to NBA people, lawyers and politicians at all levels, national news people, agents, you name it. The calls were made. The discussions ongoing.

I am actually pretty surprised at where people stand today. Very few people jumping off the bridge.

Of course everybody is upset that this team is leaving. That is a no brainer.

Still I am surprised that on the whole I don't think that peoples long term view of having a team has shifted. In fact for some people it may have increased. There is strong perception of a wink and nod agreement with Stern and Ballmer to get something done. That is a very good thing.

People close to the Schultz case want the public to know that the case is going to move forward and the intention is to carry it through to the end. Frankly I wasn't sure if we would see that and it creates an interesting situation. Is there any possible way the team could move to Oklahoma, go through litigation, and then be forced to move back?

That is just crazy.

I'm taking the weekend and then going to get cracking and see what we can do about all this. Man what a tough day doing media interviews. Going over and over with this stuff nonstop was hard on the heart.