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Yarmuth on the Attack

Greg Johns gets in touch with Richard Yarmuth.

I really can offer very little insight as to what they are going for with the case. As mentioned the damages seem so damn hard to enforce right now that I have no idea what the end outcome could be if they won the case. It's really a stunning turn of events...

Still I'm thrilled that they are moving forward. As mentioned over and over again the first step is a new arena funding package and right now we are trying to line up all the factors for that.

The Ballmer Group is focused on the Key Arena. For all talks of another option we have to realize that for the first time in this process there are several groups who have acknowledged a common goal and are working towards it. Ballmer wants to fix Seattle Center and remodel Key Arena. The league has signed off on it, the mayor is in favor of it, and it looks like legislature will be in favor of it. We can't splinter off and go in other directions now.

The Mayors office claims a commitment to being proactive in getting this funding and so far is living up to that. After a meeting this week I will update people.

We all have a decision to make regarding a relocated team. From my perspective I think that I can act in good conscious towards getting the arena done, then see where the team comes from. If we got into a situation where we were in the Clay Bennett seat then I think I would sit that battle out.

Thanks for all your participation. We're also talking about a get together sometime soon. I just bought a new house so I have a lot going on. Coincidentally I got the house the day the Sonics left. Big afternoon for me.