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Do we give a crap?

I truly don't know what my level of interest is in the NBA anymore. With the departures to Europe and team names like Thunder and Wind under consideration I wonder if they are closer to the Arena Football League than they are the NFL Whenever I get on the internet for a few minutes I think that I have a bunch to do, but little interest. I've been focusing hardcore on some issues affecting my company but when those are resolved I will have to develop a taste for porn or just be on the internet less. Who knows what will come easier.

Anyway rumor out of the Delonte West camp has him moving along to Denver, Denver sending a player(I'll guess JR Smith) to OKC and the mighty thunder sending Luke Ridnour to Cleveland. I have no ways left to confirm this but will put a call into a couple of Lukes people. Great move for Luke if it materializes. I think he'll be great as a backup PG on a team with a really large guard to play off of. He'll suprise people.

Cleveland expressed interest in DWest last year at the deadline so not huge news there. JR Smith is a knucklehead of the greatest degree. I would have to think that Denvers primary interest in this would be to shed some salary so I would not be suprised if another player winds up going OKC's way.

So the question: Do you care?