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What Would you have done?

So over the last several weeks I've taken a few hits. Some deservedly and others that I don't think are so accurate.

My question today is what should we have done? What were the other options that provided a solution? I understand "trust the mayor less" but here's the thing, we never trusted him. We felt that be constantly re-itterating his claim that he wouldn't take a cash only solution we would add substance to it and make it harder for him to backtrack. Honestly had we not worked with him I think it likely the first offer of $26M, with no involvement of Ballmer and no plan, however flimsy, to get us a future team.

So had we not worked with the Mayor who should we have worked with? I can tell you that the Ballmer/Stanton group is with the Mayor, you don't get to choose one or the other. The Governor was no help and we pushed her. Sabey? Did that. Schultz? Don't you think we're talking to those guys?

The Schultz case relies on the funding of a venue sometime before its completion. They want the team sold to a willing and honest buyer but readily acknowledge that without the building there is no buyer. So what gives us the best odds at a building? The mayor right now.

Sometimes you fight the good fight and lose because the odds were stacked against you. I know a few mistakes were made but right now I'm curious to hear peoples opinion on what we should have done dramatically different and what we should be doing now.