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David Stern denies making threats. Unrelated: Seattle Center Century 21 Master Plan.

As reported by Greg Johns, of the Seattle PI, David Stern formally denied that he did not threaten Howard Schultz. He did admit that he said what Mr Schultz claimed he said, including the part about the added expense of the lawsuit, but denied he threatened Schultz.

Perception is reality Stern.

The NBA answered Schultz's motion to deny the NBA the right to join, or limit the NBA's involvement to the potential remedy proposed by Schultz, that is to transfer the team to an honest owner. The NBA insists on being part of the liability phase of the case because the PBC could not fully represent the NBA's interest as a signing party of the Reception signing paper transfering ownership. That is like having an escrow company join in a lawsuit over the sale of a property to protect the integrity of its Notary stamp. The claim and liability rests on the fraud to induce the signing and sale.

It is telling that the NBA makes no claims on behalf of PBC as to the honesty, or contest that Bennett committed fraud. Their interest in the first part is pretty thin, and ignores the nature of the claim, Bennett lied in order to get the sale to happen. Greg John's story here.

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I posted this story on my blog yesterday.

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008, the Parks & Seattle Center Committee will meet at 9:30 am. On the agenda is item #4 RES. 31071 Adopting the Seattle Center Century 21 Master PlanDISCUSSION & POSSIBLE VOTE
Here is link to the Seattle Center Master Plan, caution, big pdf file. The one I have linked is from March.
read that HERE!