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The Implosion Continues

The league has cancelled its first two weeks, which means in reality the first month, because there will still have to be time to have abbreviated training camps, sign free agents, all of that.

Maybe others see the potential for resolution to this within the next couple of weeks, but not me ... unless one of the big advertisers steps up and offers to underwrite this for fear of losing the broadcast revenue, this league is going nowhere any time soon this year.

And additionally, I don't believe the issues currently under discussion seem to be addressing the core problems with the NBA's business model; problems which were a significant factor in the Sonics' departure from this region, and problems which every NBA market is now experiencing first-hand.

Beware the lessons not learned from the NHL's lockout in 2004. Hockey had already marginalized itself as a sport before the labor dispute, and in the eight years following hasn't completely recovered from losing an entire season. The NHL may be the biggest beneficiaries of the current lockout as they're primed to reclaim a winter sports watching audience, provided there's enough fans of both sports out there ... but in the meantime, let's see how much the nation -really- misses the NBA after two weeks. A month. Two months. A season.

My guess? Life and pro sports go on, and the longer the league stays out, the greater the chance they condemn themselves to irrelevance.