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Just in Case You Forgot, Seattle Center Is Still Dying

Seattle Center is owed more than $1 million in back rent by 3 tenants

"Non-Sonics options pencil out, and that's the finding of sports-industry experts," -- Nick Licata, February 13th, 2006. Your elected officials, Seattle.

Seattle Center budget deficits caused the City to sell 12 acres of Center land to the Gates Foundation in 2005. Still it bleeds.

Intiman is bankrupt and likely not coming back any time soon, if ever.

Bumbershoot is $250,000 in the hole and as a festival appears unsustainable, even if they jacked up ticket prices to $50 a day.

Maybe having an anchor tenant for 42 dates a year would help, since obviously the non-Sonics options aren't penciling or even crayoning out? Care to comment on that, Mr. Licata?