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ArenaSolution Statement regarding Sodo Arena Proposal

ArenaSolution Statement regarding Sodo Arena Proposal:

Like many other members of our community has been following the news regarding an investment group for a Sodo area arena very closely. We applaud the efforts of Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn to work cooperatively with private industry leaders to create a valuable public asset.

In this time of economic hardship efforts to work creatively and cooperatively with private investors provide a great opportunity to expand and our local infrastructure and maintain the quality of life in our region. These efforts will result in a large number of needed construction jobs at a time when they are critically needed and are essential for the economic growth of the community

We would like to clarify that is not affiliated with, nor is competing with any group or municipality in their efforts to build a world class arena and event center. Our independent coalition of supportive business and community leaders strongly encourages these types of efforts and applauds the efforts of local business leaders and government officials.