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NBA in 2012

Lets talk hoops.

Earlier this week one of my friends here in the Philippines asked me who my favorite team was. It actually stumped me.

I love the Thunder roster but I'll never be able to say they are my favorite team. I'm forgiving but that is too big of a stretch.

I've been a big fan of the recent Celtics with Ray Allen and Nate Robinson but now Nate's gone and the roster is just too old for me to root for.

My favorite player right now has to be Blake Griffen. Nobody is more fun to watch. That puts the Clippers on my radar despite the fact that I kind of want to see Chris Paul fail.

The Bulls and Warriors are going to be my teams. Despite the love of the Heat and the Knicks I just love the roster the Bulls have assembled. Great talent at PG and C with really good role players around them is a recipe for success in my book. I also like the fact that for the most part they have drafted their guys which is a real plus. Taj Gibson is a a great bench player.

The Warriors have overpaid a bunch of guys who don't deserve the money and drafted guys that I love. To me the Stephen Curry/Monta Ellis backcourt just seems like a couple of guys who have a chip on their shoulders. They play like they have something to prove. Tough young guys who will go toe to toe with guys who have bigger reputations and smaller games.

Who do you like and why?