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Can the NBA squeeze one more new arena out of a one sport town?

If it were up to the NBA, and apparently it is, it looks like they would prefer to have a brand new arena in a city with only one major league sport. This likely the only time Clay Bennett is involved to such a thing happening.
It looks like the NBA does not want to leave a situation where they could have control of a new arena for an arena that will take $75 million dollars from the other city just to relocate the team and upgrade an existing arena.

So, the Kings wait to be told, the NBA is weighing the bags of money, and I am guessing AEG will have something to say about this.

"We'll let you know when we know," Maloof said.
. . .
"If the team does come back or stay in Sacramento for another year, it will not only be much better off financially, but it will also give us the time to deliver a deal on a regional basis for a new arena," the commissioner [David Stern] told the Associated Press in Philadelphia.
Sacramento Kings status a mystery even to Maloofs, SacBee, 4/23/2011

The Maloof brothers are spectators at this point. That only happens where you no longer own a controlling interest in your property, it looks like the NBA is willing to give it a Hornets level of effort and not leave any money on any table, anywhere.

The significant concern about their financial standing and long-term viability continues to grow, with Lakers coach Phil Jackson pouring salt in that wound on Wednesday when he compared the Maloofs to the McCourt couple that had its Dodgers franchise overtaken by Major League Baseball this week because of financial mayhem. There is, according to both ownership and front-office sources who spoke to, very little incentive to help an ownership group that's in such perceived disarray while simultaneously hurting two teams that are so much more vital to the overall cause.Maloofs may be undecided, but signs point to Kings staying put,

Time is not on their side.