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Free advice to the Maloof Family: file for relocation

The application could be denied by the NBA, or not. Not filing just limits your options. No, I do not think it is the right thing to do for Sacramento, or the Lakers and Clippers, but that is not what this is about. The fans always get screwed, so, there is that part. But I don't see where that has really mattered too much to the NBA at this point. As far as the Lakers and Clippers go, fuck them, both relocated to LA, screwing fans they left behind. If they have a better product on the floor then they don't have anything to worry about. And Phil Jackson is just a buffoon, the NBA should be fining him for the shit he is said. He is the NBA's pet, braying like the jackass that he is.
Filing for relocation would force the NBA to, again, parade their broken business model out for all to see, while they lockout the players that they just can't keep themselves from overpaying.
If their relocation application is denied then they could end up in court, with the result pretty much being the same had they not filed, running out of time, money, options.

For the full media backspin, pretending that the Maloof's and the NBA have not been trying to get something done in Sacramento, with the NBA being the FIRST to give up, read today's SacBee story.
What has changed from two years ago is that an even wealthier owner could be had by the NBA, that's it.
SacBee: Maloof's Woes an Issue for NBA