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Go Danny O'Neil, Go Mavericks!

Go Danny, Go Mavs!

The team moved on. I haven't. Neither has the city of Seattle, really. So I couldn't watch the end of Sunday's Game 7 in Oklahoma City. I turned it off once it became clear the Memphis Grizzlies didn't have a second-half comeback in them.

So now it's on to the Western Conference finals, where the team will play the Dallas Mavericks, who belong to Mark Cuban. He was one of two NBA owners to vote against the franchise's move from Seattle to Oklahoma City. Portland's Paul Allen was the other.

So is there room on the Mavericks' bandwagon for estranged Seattle supporters? Can a Dallas team that includes Jason Terry of Seattle's Franklin High School become the knight selected to fight for our city's honor while the rest of the country watches?

"The more Mavs fans the better!" Cuban wrote me in an email.

Oh, and is it OK to boo in the press box? Just kidding. Kind of.
Thunderstruck? Three years after Sonics left, Seattleite still holds grudge, Seattle Times

Normal human feelings, that is what that's called.

Just because somebody wants the Blunder to lose every game, all their fans, and relocate to an even smaller market (Boise?), that doesn't mean you can't also work to get an arena solution moving in King County for the NHL and the NBA, more importantly, for yourself.

Go Sonics!