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Lockout Looms: WWPRD?

What Would Pete Rozelle do?

Heck, what would you do if you were negotiating the new NBA CBA?

Myself: I would initiate a very similar system to the NFL (or what most of us think of when we think of the way the NFL salary structure is set up).

Fully guaranteed contracts, bye bye. When players sign contracts, only the signing bonus is fully guaranteed. The rest can be voided if the player is cut but the team takes a cap hit the subsequent year for doing so. Rookie salary cap stays intact.

Revenue sharing amongst all markets with both a minimum and maximum hard cap. Exceeding the cap triggers a luxury tax penalty of $2 for every dollar spent over the cap.

Each team can designate one franchise player per year for a maximum of two years. Franchise players are paid the average of the top 5 players at their "position" (gonna have to be a bit of fudging on this one as obviously positions aren't as defined as they once were). Age restrictions for entering the NBA draft stay the same as they are now.

I realize the players have no incentive to do any of this but would be willing to discuss increases in player share of BRI as well as matching contributions to a pension plan to make it happen. Not give it away ... maybe something like 5-7.5% to start the discussions.

On the floor side, hand checking is allowed back in. Referees must complete a yearly evaluation similar to what MLB does for umps and only the best crews get to work the playoff games.

Let's hear your ideas.