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State Plan Develops, User Fees Broached

Time for a new thread.

State Rep. Mike Hope (R, Lake Stevens) is trying a different approach. The idea is to charge NBA basketball and NHL hockey a license fee each time a team plays in the potential new arena. The money would be used as collateral to sell $62 million worth of bonds to help pay for a new arena in the Seattle area.

Anything that helps cut the handwringing elitist anti-sports idiots out of the discussion from the get-go is wise. Not using any form of public money therefore eliminates any need to appeal to them, try to reason with them, or pay attention to what they have to say. Good luck Rep. Hope.

In my own conversations on this topic I've noticed that people do not seem to understand that a new facility must be BOTH NBA and NHL-ready or it won't happen. You won't get just hockey or hoops out of this building; if built, it will be built to facilitate both. As it should be.

Key Arena will join The Forum, The Alamodome, and The Pyramid as Biggest Places In America To Hold Your High School Reunion, Company Picnic Or Wedding Reception. Scoreboard included.