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Season Starting

I have had a really emotional couple of months.

Needless to say I had a level of access to the behind the scenes play by play that was greater than I cold publicly discuss. If the deal had fallen apart I had made some promises that I would have been forced to deliver on and so I had to keep myself right on the edge of things, encouraging people to be patient but still making sure that everybody was emotionally charged enough to apply pressure if needed. Despite what they say on the Times board I think that the power and volume of the people was as influential or more than any lobbyists. We just had to keep telling people that if they thought they could vote no and then put this aside to talk about the budget they were wrong. Our side cared too much and would react with intensity if they didn't find a way to make this work.

It was really close right to the end.

When it was over I had a couple of weeks where the whole "what do i do now?" feeling was overwhelming. That has passed. I'm just really excited for the ride up and looking to enjoy it with my friends, family and all of you guys.

So the NBA season starts really soon. Who are you rooting for? The Lakers are going to have an awesomely fun roster and I am going to watch them but I can't root for them. I will be sickly watching the Sacramento Kings just to see their young talent. Brooklyn seems like an easy choice to get behind just because they are Brooklyn and they are owned by Jay Z. They and the Bulls may be my teams but I'm not committing yet.