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Mariners yet again

Seattle Mariners Ownership Joins Arena Opponents in Funding Tarleton Campaign

SEATTLE, Wash. – Review of campaign contribution disclosures reveal that The Seattle Mariners and their ownership have thrown substantial support behind Candidate Gael Tarleton for the Washington State House of Representative 32nd district seat.

Tarleton, a Port of Seattle commissioner has been one of the arenas most hard line opponents. Her campaign is largely funded by freight advocates and arena opponents including Union Local 52 (ILWU), Save Our Sodo founders Max Vekich and Warren Ackervik, Peter Steinbreuck and eastside real estate mogul Bob Wallace.

The Seattle Mariners organization recently made a maximum contribution to Tarleton’s campaign as did President Chuck Armstrong, CEO Howard Lincoln and Owners Christopher Larson and John Stanton.

Tarleton’s opponent, Noel Frame endorsed the arena efforts proposal earlier in the campaign, prior to its passage by city and county councils.

"The Mariners have disappointed their fans at every step of this process. As somebody who loves all my hometown teams I am saddened by their continued efforts to derail an arena that has already been approved. They owe it to their fans to end this fanatical opposition and begin working productively with others to address transit issues in the region.” Brian Robinson, President of