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Vote coming

So less than one week out we should see the FINAL (at least until EIS rolls around) political hurdle cleared. Not sure if this one will feel bigger because of its finality or anticlimactic because we've already had our beers and been in a prolonged victory party for 3 weeks.

Regardless we should enjoy it. This is a really great thing. While nothing will ever be truly final until the opening tip-off this is a huge milestone and by any standards it is grounds for us to declare political success. It would take a monumental change of circumstance or betrayal for the electeds to stand in the way at this point.

This really is the big one. Getting joint approval means that the fans political role is done. We can stop trying to have activities geared towards building political might and instead turn towards activities that build franchise excitement.

Interesting conversation in the last thread. I did not mean to indicate disappointment but I think that there is a certain amount of human nature that makes us want change to be more personally impactful than circumstances usually allow. The pragmatic side of us really thinks that every lottery ticket may be a winner and even though my head knew it was not going to happen there is a little part of me that just dreamed that there would be a single moment where Nick Licata to throw up his hands and say "you're right. You've won." and Chris Hansen to storm into the room and announce that he had a team, it would start training camp tomorrow. Sonicsgate gets an HBO deal and my wife wins the lottery.

So when that vision fails to materialize it leaves a bit of a void. I don't really know what this next phase will look or feel like. There are a lot of intangibles. We don't know how long it will last or what the level of visibility and activity of Chris and his group will be. It leads right back to a feeling of speculation which frankly I've gotten a little tired of.

I'm ready to just feel enthusiasm and satisfaction for a bit rather than speculation and this sense of "what now." I hope that we really find a way to enjoy the upcoming NBA seasons and savor the experience. I'm going to start with this week.

Macklemore is #1 in the nation. He and the rest of the Seattle Music community were huge supporters of Sonics basketball and we owe them a lot. Support that guy. Give him tweets and buy his album from ITunes.