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That made me smile

Phil Jackson baby!!!

Finally a rumor about Seattle that was fun.
A rumor that didn't involve any politics or require any action or interpretation by fans.
A rumor that we do not have to hold back in savoring out of respect to Sacramento.
A rumor that really in no way ties back to the poison of relocation or the mind-numbing over analysis of building issues.

I loved this one. I thought all day about what books Phil would have everybody reading. I though about how his quirky ass personality would just fit this city perfectly and about how a truly big name like his could really bring enthusiasm and repair the damage in this city. I thought about how great it would be to have an ownership group that actually goes out and get big names and brings them here.

So I have no idea if there is any truth to it. I would never expect Chris to tell me and I wouldn't ask anyway. None of that matters. I am so damn excited to be talking about big names coming to the Seattle SuperSonics. I cannot wait to be a normal fan again!!!!