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Happy Thanksgiving Sonics Fans

It has been a long time time since Seattle fans have had this much to be thankful for.

As fans it continues to be a little strange operating in this limbo.  We are so used to fighting for our team and have been so effective in doing so.  We want to do everything we can to make a difference and up until about a month ago we really felt empowered and knew that we could make a difference.

Over the last month I have found myself feeling a little confused about what comes next.  How can we make a difference now?  What should we be doing?  How do we feel victorious when we don't actually have a team yet?  

The answer I have come up with is that we really need to be thankful for the incredible position we find ourselves in, especially when compared to where we were.

ArenaSolution went public less than one year ago on Dec. 9, 2011.  At that time we had no owner and little hope.

I am so thankful for the position we are in one year later.  We have hope and a plan.  Chris Hansen is not just an owner.  He is a fellow fan who is passionate and is going to do great things in our community.  Fans did not just want a team, we took successful action to demand one.

Today I am thankful for Chris, his family and all the people who worked hard to get us here.  Going forward I want a franchise for Christmas.  Here's hoping that Santa Claus comes through.