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Sports Weekend

I don't have a lot of time this morning to write anything up but we don't need to limit our discussion to the NBA.

What do you guys think the impact of suspensions to Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner will be?  Losing not one but two DB's is a big deal and Sherman has been a stud.  It could really be a disaster for this season but I have to say that I think this franchise is built for 1-3 years from now.  Sometimes that weird aberration that gets you a higher draft pick than you really deserve can push a team over the top into a long window of success.

As much as I am a die hard Husky fan I have a hard time being sad about a totally exciting Apple Cup that shows why we all watch the game. I've been working on an op-ed contrasting where sports fans sit now compared to 2006. That year the Sonics left, the M's finished last in the AL West at 61-100. The Seahawks were also last at 4-12, UW was 0-12 and WSU 2-12.

Now the Hawks are amazing and the Husky program is rebuilt. The Sonics look to be coming back and at least the Mariners have Felix and a new stadium display. I couldn't think of a single nice thing to say about the Cougs until this weekend when they showed that there is always hope in college football if those kids bring their passion.

Its going to take the Huskies a while to recover from that one. Bad loss.