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They aren't for sale, but if the Kings were they could get $500 million

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So says the great evaluators inside the Maloof brain trust.

The team's uncertain status in remaining in Sacramento could be causing a ripple effect here, as well. The Maloofs have long since targeted Cousins as the prized asset of their organization and have been extremely reluctant to trade him thus far. According to people with knowledge of the situation, the Maloofs continue to discuss their preferred option of relocation with several cities and have let it be known in all the appropriate circles that bidding for the unlikely sale of the club should begin at an astounding $500 million.

The last NBA sale, with the Memphis Grizzlies in October, went for a reported $377 million. Prior to that, the New Orleans Hornets reportedly were sold for $338 million. The Golden State Warriors were sold for a league-record $450 million in July 2010. But the Maloofs, who have consistently said they don't want to sell, are confident they could reach that $500 million figure because of the potential mobility of the franchise -- the Kings can get out of their lease at Sleep Train Arena at any time.

Are they a little high?
Sounds like a lot of money for a property they can't afford to even maintain.

There would have to be some way to cap that, maybe with relocation costs.
Might be cheaper to buy the Bobcats, and buy your way out of that arena deal.