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NYT profiles Reggie Evans

The New York Times, the nations newspaper of record, profiles Reggie Evans.

That is the unusual part of the story, the rest is a mix of familiar clichés spiked with quotes from Brent Barry.

“The Thing,” said Brent Barry, a former Sonics guard, comparing Evans to the blocky Fantastic Four character. “That’s how I looked at him — he’s just a thing out there. ‘What is that thing?’ ”

Even as a rookie, Evans had a knack for irritating his opponents, some of them his teammates. Most players will downshift a bit in practice, to conserve energy and to avoid bruising anyone. Not Evans.

“I remember getting on the practice court with him at times and him literally just bowling people over,” Barry said. “To the point where midway through the season, at times, Gary Payton didn’t practice — because, one, he is Gary Payton, and two, because Reggie didn’t care whether it was the practice court or the game court. He was going to do what he did, no matter who it was that was in front of him. He was pretty animalistic that way.”

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