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Kings have something to move forward

They got creative with ticket price points, not as easy as it sounds.

“@Ryan_Lillis: Joe Maloof tells @TonyBizjak, #NBAKings give $75m upfront and $75m over life of deal through ticket surcharges.”

[edited with my comment below at 11:30]
The Kings and Sacramento have options they can explore together that involve a significant change, a new arena. It remains to be seen if they can complete an agreement with the Sacramento city council, but they have the option.

No matter what happens in Sacramento, there are teams and cities locked into relationships that do not have the option to make a significant change to grow their way out of a situation that is not mutually beneficial. Some folks do not have the choice.

The NBA All Star weekend not only draws players together but franchise owners and executives. They are all getting a close up view of the Kings efforts, and the Hornets efforts, and Seattle's willful desire to make the effort.
The timing of the Seattle arena proposal, no matter what happens in Sacramento, helps our efforts.