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Seattle Times: "The Sacramento announcement doesn't change Chris' proposal or his commitment to build an arena in Seattle,"

Christopher Hansen, a Seattle native and now a Bay Area hedge fund manager, has proposed to contribute up to $290 million to build an arena in the Sodo District, assuming NBA and NHL teams can be secured first.
A spokesman for Hansen's group, Peter McCollum, told The Seattle Times on Monday that the news about the Kings will not alter Hansen's plans.
"The Sacramento announcement doesn't change Chris' proposal or his commitment to build an arena in Seattle," McCollum said via email. "He has already purchased the land and put a serious offer in front of the City (of Seattle) and (King) County. It's up to the City and County now to evaluate that proposal and decide how they want to proceed.
"Chris' proposal does not involve any public financing until a team is secured, but getting an agreement with the City and County is a critical first step — once that is in place, Chris will initiate a serious conversation with the NBA and show that he, along with the City of Seattle and King County, are committed to building a world-class arena."
Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn's spokesman said the city's focus remains on the arena proposal from Hansen, whose pledge provides the foundation of a project estimated at $490 million. The public contribution from the city and county would be capped at $200 million and come from taxes generated directly from the arena.
"Our focus is on the proposal we have before us and the public review which is under way. Any talk about a team is between Chris Hansen and the league," said Aaron Pickus, McGinn's spokesman.
City Council President Sally Clark said she was happy for Sacramento, knowing how hard it was for Seattle to lose the Sonics. But she said her conversations with Hansen suggested the Kings weren't the only team that might be lured to Seattle.
"I take Chris Hansen at his word. He said the arena deal wasn't about Sacramento," she said.
Seattle Times: Sacramento, Kings appear to have deal worked out to keep team
, by Bob Condotta: 206-515-5699 or On Twitter @bcondotta; staff reporters Steve Miletich and Lynn Thompson contributed to this article.

There has been some prett good reporting from the Seattle Times, Sacramento Bee, King 5 tv, and Sactown Royalty.