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Bellevue Sonics?

The City of Bellevue will step into the light with a rollout and discussion of the worst kept secret in Bellevue, their desire to construct a new arena that could host a NBa franchise and a NHL franchise.

Some places are struggling to put together 1 proposal, King County will have two competing to be THE home of the NBA and NHL.
Competition is a good thing, and as a frontrunner lovin' Seattle native I will back THE winner.

Bellevue and Seattle should know that if one doesn't do it then the other will, and may beat the other to the punch.

Will Seattle process it to death before Bellevue just steps in and takes the opportunity?

BELLEVUE – Bellevue’s Downtown Business Association believes it is time to discuss a potential arena on the Eastside.
“We think it’s good for the region to have more than one option, more than one way to grab that brass ring,” said Leslie Lloyd, president of the association. “Bellevue has always been in the mix.”
Lloyd will host a breakfast discussion called “The Arena Opportunity” on Tuesday morning.
It was scheduled long before trust fund manager Chris Hansen announced his plan for a Seattle arena. Bellevue civic and business leaders have been quietly pursuing an NHL/NBA arena project for more than a year.
Sources say potential arena investors have kicked the tires on property on Auto Row, near 405, along Bel-Red, and near the old Safeway distribution site on 124th. Chicago minor league hockey owner Don Levin, acknowledged he visited Bellevue last year, and that he’s interested in owning an NHL franchise in Western Washington.
“I believe the region has a number of options, and Bellevue has been really classy about it,” said Brian Robinson, founder of Arena Solution, a group of business and civic leaders seeking a new arena for the Puget Sound. “(Bellevue) would love to be a city to host the NBA. Bellevue has some great options.”
Lloyd acknowledges it is likely early in the game, but believes it is time to hold a public discussion about the prospects. “This is the time to make it a public, or community conversation,” says Lloyd.
Real Estate broker Craig Kinzer, Goldman Sachs Managing Director Tim Romer, and Bellevue City Manager Steve Sarkozy are all expected to speak. The DBA says the event is sold out.
King 5 tv, Bellevue joins discussion on NBA-NHL sports arena