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Seattle Times: Seattle sports-arena talks well under way, documents show

No new taxes, nothing from the general fund, city waiting on final offer, maybe the Kings drive the process along.

Funny thing about newspapers, the old media, they have old media rights to request public information from public officials.

If Sacramento fails, the Kings could be playing in Seattle next fall if the city and Hansen reach an agreement, according to a Seattle City Hall source who has been briefed on the matter.
. . .
While sources have previously said at least one business owner has declined to sell, the issue of the city using its power of eminent domain to acquire the land is no longer a concern of Hansen's group, Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes said during a recent interview with The Times editorial board.
Holmes did not elaborate, but his comments suggest Hansen's representatives have reached some sort of agreements.
. . .
Hirsh, managing partner of Stafford Sports LLC, who has extensive experience with arena deals, has estimated the cost of building a state-of-the art facility at about $400 million.
City Councilmember Richard Conlin said intense public scrutiny would be given to any arena proposal and that the investment group must be willing to vet its plans with the public.
"They're going to have to expect a lot of publicity in the final stages," Conlin said.
Councilmember Nick Licata, a vocal critic of previous stadium deals that involved public financing, said he'd support a plan to build a new arena that provided the city with a return on its investment as required by the 2006 initiative.
McGinn has said that once the city receives a firm proposal, it will open discussions with the City Council.
Seattle Times: Seattle sports-arena talks well under way, documents show

Game on!

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