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We watch, we wait

Should I post this as a new thread: Scarcity framework communicated by NBA, Sacramento, and repeated by parrots is inflating values, pressure, and a sense of urgency.

You have to believe a few things in order to participate in the perpetual charade.
The only team possibly available to relocate to Seattle or Anehiem is located in Sacramento. Really?
The league purchased a team to put a floor under the selling price of all of its teams, and the Hornets are the only team upside down with lenders, other than the Kings.
All of the other 28 teams are in the black and not for sale
Ok, if the NBA says so then it MUST be true.

Believing that they MUST get something done that they have failed to do for the past 5 years, or the team is gone.
Well, this time they really do mean it.

Sacramento might get it done, good for them, or not, bad for them. Either way Seattle’s issue was, is, has always been about having a modern multipurpose arena for the NHL, NBA, and whatever else we can fit in it. Teams are only as scarece as the nba claims at any given moment, in any random situation.

About some media folks comments about the viability of Seattle's SODO neighborhood for a sports venue, that's just stupid (yes, I'm calling Brock, stupid). SODO at 7pm on game nights would not be gridlock. I-5, I-90, light rail, highway 99, all of that transportation infrastructure feeds that area.

We watch, we wait, we plan, and do with the facts as the become available. But the story the NBA tells about scarcity should be taken with a salt lick.